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Grades 1 – 12 

Who We Are

We are an online homeschool and tution center, catered towards helping all school-going students to get the best possible tuition that they can.

At OLA we make sure that we have the best possible tutors and teacehrs on our team, so that our students can get the attention and care that they need to reach their academic goals

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From Our Parents

Meet Our Tutors

Our tutors are personally interviewed and hand-picked, experienced and experts at producing the best results for their students

With Us You Receive

Qualified Tutors

Instant Support

Improvement In Marks

Constant Progress Reports

What Matters To Us

This is an outlook on our philosophies and concepts that we have based our tuition center upon

We aim to nurture independent & responsible learners
Students become technically savvy and adaptable
Learning online in the safety of your home and with access to the best technological resources

Frequently Asked Questions

We tutor through zoom and have all lessons through that platform 

Yes, we offer tuition to matriculants and have some of the best tutors, but we do not offer online homeschooling for matriculants 

Click on here to apply for tuition 

And click here to enrol for online homeschooling 

All school subjects 

The tutor teaches and guides the student ensuring that all the knowledge is understood and learnt well

It is essential to have a laptop that can function well and accommodate for zoom lessons, as well as a reliable wifi connection

From my experience YES it will! You can test it out for a month or so and experience the results yourself

The parent ensures that the student attends tuition on time, and behaves and co-operates with the tutor during their time of working together 

The parent must be open to constructive feedback and suggestions if it is needed 

Yes! As often as the tutor feels is necessary, usually in the beginning we do give alot of feedback to keep the parent updated on the progress and current level of the student 

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