Matric Rewrite Program

Unlike any other tuition group, this can be equated to a coaching program, which will be hugely transformative for your child.  

You may be pleasantly surprised to see them learn study skills and gain confidence that will most likely take them through the rest of their career moving forward!

What’s our secret? Finding the best tutors that we possibly can (in the entire industry), and secondly, we focus on strategies and helping students to learn to apply themselves, instead of just bogging students with information, and this is the kicker. 

Subjects We Offer

What Our Students Have To Say

Type of student most likely to thrive in this course:

The Confidence Craver:

Sometimes, all you need is someone to say, "You've got this!" and suddenly, you feel unstoppable. That's where we come in! 🚀

The Slow and Steady Learner

For the student who feels like the class is sprinting while you're still tying your shoelaces, not to worry! We're here to slow it down and break things down until they click. 🐢

The Resilient Spirit

You know what it's like to stumble, but you never stay down for long. You bounce back stronger every time! 💥

The Dreamer with Grit

You've got big dreams and even bigger determination. No matter what, you refuse to give up on yourself! 💭

Pricing & Smart Savings

Option 1: Month-to-month

👭 COST FOR 8hrs a month: R1,440 per month, per learner, per subject (R180/hr)

👩‍🎓 COST FOR 16hrs a month: R2,880 per month, per learner, per subject (R180/hr)

Option 2: Three to Four Months


👭 COST FOR 8hrs a month: R720 per month - paid upfront, per learner, per subject

👩‍🎓 COST FOR 16hrs a month: R1,440 per month, paid upfront, per learner, per subject

Option 2: Five to Eight Months


👭 COST FOR 8hrs a month: R560 per month - paid upfront, per learner, per subject

👩‍🎓 COST FOR 16hrs a month: R1,120 per month, paid upfront, per learner, per subject

Our Money - Back Guarantee

If you‘re unhappy within the FIRST WEEK of lessons, you get the entire refund for the rest of the months, NO questions asked.

Lesson setup/structure:


Our tutor breaks down the key info for upcoming exams, cutting out the fluff. (20-30 mins)

2. Q&A Session 💬

Got questions? Our tutor's got answers! Connect with your tutor in the lesson and ask away!(Around 10 mins)

3. Practice Quiz 📝

Time to put that knowledge to the test! Students work together to tackle questions. The tutor marks the work with them, clears up any confusion, and answers questions. (Around 60 mins)

4. Break ⏸️

Phew! Time for a breather. Breaks will allow you to refresh to sharpen your focus when you return (5-10 mins)

5. Presentation & Discussion 🗣️

Back in action! More presentation, practice, and discussion to reinforce learning. (Around 30-40 mins)

6. Homework 📚

Your child gets assignments via Google Classroom for extra practice, to refresh the memory before the next session, and review by the parents. (Assigned at the end)

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