Chess Program

Are you looking to introduce your child to this critically addictive game of chess in a way that encourages their love for the game and really helps them to harness their logical skills?
This may be exactly the course that your child needs after the mind-numbing hours spent in the classroom, which may have left them feeling uninspired to challenge their mental abilities
These are kid-friendly chess lessons that effortlessly harness those creative thinking skills, increase IQ, promote critical thinking, and teach core math and verbal skills.
You may be surprised to find your child more able to retain information, improve test scores, solve problems with more ease, remain calm under pressure, and perform well in school!
Parents be warned, this is NOT a snorefest! Our chess tutors are specially picked to be skilled in creating unforgettable learning moments. 
Instead of having the mushy-brained video gaming hangover, they can go back to school feeling mentally sharpened, and ready to take on the new year.
Who knows, you may be sparking that inner flame that creates a lifelong chess player, maybe even a fanatic or soon-to-be master (which is what our tutor is, btw!) simply because you chose to introduce the game to them in this pressure-free, unconventional way.
They can finally explore new interests without any hair pulling or yawns of boredom, which makes them turn the page on the chapter never to return!
This time there’ll be those familiar shrieks of enthusiasm, this time from learning, a newfound sense of eagerness to chip in and participate, and impatient young ones unable to wait for the next lesson! 
Little do they realize that, in all the fun, their entire relationship to tackling math and “calculating” subjects is being redefined, and they’re soaring past any previous blocks or barriers that they may have had!
Beginners: students who would love to have a fun, exciting and unmissable experience learning chess, that encourages them to continue to pursue the subject diligently.
Intermediate: Student who want a great refresher and also learn basic skills and tactics to boost their confidence and play feeling backed up with adequate amount of knowledge, practical experience, and surety
Advanced: Students who would love to refine their skills, start to see their true potential in the subject, advance to mastery, become unstoppable, truly excel as a player, and still bring back the excitement back into the game
Time: 7.5 hours spread among 5 sessions 
Lesson 1
Intro to chess: How the game was developed, the main aim of the game, the king, checkmate. Really get a good feel of the game, learn what the game is about and familiarize yourself with what makes chess so exciting and how this amazing game was developed.
Lesson 2

Identify the pieces, The way they move, how to place them. Understand each of the pieces and what they do!

Lesson 3
How to play + capture: Start to actually play and explore the game and how things are really done.
Lesson 4
Key concepts of the game: Learn to play the right way and the principles of what to focus on in every game
Lesson 5
What you should do in the opening: Start each game with confidence knowing how to move in a way that puts you at an edge above your opponent
(Contact us to learn about the intermediate and advanced curriculums)
  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced 
(Contact us to learn about the intermediate and advanced curriculums)

Prices are discounted for this holiday season!

Beginners: R2250 R2625  for the entire Chess Program 

Intermediate: R3000 R3500 for the entire Chess Program 

Advanced: R3000 R3500 for the entire Chess Program 

Take ALL 3 Programs in a bundle and pay R7750 instead of R8250 (save R500) this holiday  

Coding Program

Has your child been having blocks when working with math or physics?
Many times, a child’s genius is suppressed because of the performance anxiety that school creates.
Did you know that you don’t need to be good at math to be a good coder or enjoy it?
This course allows your child to tap into their programming potential in a fun way, with bite-sized chunks of information.
Get to learn coding with special programs that enhance the learning experience and really bring the inspiration and joy to the process, while being able to leave each lesson feeling a new-filled sense of growth and confidence!
Coding doesn’t need to be hard! Yet it can also be a tool to help your child grow in their calculating confidence, soar past their math blocks, and potentially discover a new path that they’ll pursue forever
Get your child to feel technologically savvy and able to tackle technical challenges with confidence
Don’t wait for school to cater to these fun, extracurricular pursuits of interests. This is your chance to give your child the opportunity to pursue a new interest and see how they like it!
Beginners: Students who would love to explore their interest and have a great introduction to coding, in fun, interactive lessons
9 hours (with fun breaks in each hour!) 
Project/Lesson 1: Create a “Sprite” that moves automatically
Introduction to different types of projects that can be made in scratch. Learn how to start a new project and add a sprite that moves automatically
Project/Lesson 2: Drawing with code!
Make a project with a character that can draw on the screen
Project/Lesson 3: Creating Loops and repetitions
Add on to the previous project by making our character use loops
Project/Lesson 4: Chase & Follow your character (with your mouse)!
Learn to use conditional statements to make a game where you chase a character with your mouse, learn how to add another sprite that follows the mouse.
Project/Lesson 5: Make your character move according to your precision
Learn about the x/y coordinate grid and use it to make our character move and paint precisely
Project/Lesson 6: Get to create scoring systems (Take it to the next level):
Introduction to variables by adding health and scores to our project
Project/Lesson 7: Add win/lose states
Using broadcasts to further improve the game by adding win/lose states
Project/Lesson 8: Create a math quiz
Understanding user input by making a simple math quiz game
Project/Lesson 9: Create a fruit catcher
Final project will be making a fruit catcher game from scratch, applying all our previous concepts.
  • Ages:10 -14
  • Ages:15 -18 

Prices are discounted for this holiday season!

Price: R2700 R3150 for the entire Coding Program 

Drama/Acting Program

If your child is a Drama King or Queen, but it’s likely they are on the reserved side, but want to express themselves and truly find joy in performing for the family or perhaps they love performing secretly by themselves, then this is the perfect course for them!
In this course, we help kids to truly break free from any mental limitations they may have to fully expressing themselves, and unleash their true talent, whilst learning skills such as taking on different characters.
This is the perfect course for your child if you want them to grow during the holidays while having all the fun in the world! Be prepared for your child to be obsessed with the learning experience and continuously ask, “Mum/dad when’s my next drama class?!”
We have loving and excited drama tutors on our team who can’t wait to be your very own fairy godmother and swish their wands to turn you into the most expressive version of yourself.
Our drama teachers will hold you in the space of vulnerability and encourage the madness, whatever that may look like!
Besides the ton of laughter and giggles along the way, be ready to see the creative change that occurs in your child after each session. You’ll see them become more open to expressing themselves in different situations, more articulate in their speech, and more creative problem-solvers when crisis occurs.
This is the perfect course for your child if you want them to grow in the holidays, whilst having all the fun in the world! Be prepared for your child to be obsessed with the learning experience and continuously asking “Mum/dad when’s my next drama class?!”
This course is for children who want to break out of their shy shells, and see who they truly are on the other side! 
Express their acting potential and really have a blast, while enjoying the experience of having a captivated audience, who marvel at the performance in front of them. 
For those who want to create memorable moments that people will remember forever! 

Time: 10 hours spread among 8 sessions 

  1. Introduction and experimenting with improvisation: Learn to act, freely move in and out of any character with confidence, and improvise on the spot.

  2. Understanding how to make character choices and do script analysis: Choose characters that really bring out who YOU are and really understand what the script wants you to truly present

  3. Emotional and psychological characterization and acting techniques: Learn to bring the person into the character by inculcating real emotions and personality into each of your characters

  4. Characterization continued and learning how to use voice and body to create unique characters. Learn how to now incorporate other even more powerful aspects of yourself into your characters, such as your voice and body language, to really bring your characters to life

  5. Learning about theatre acting: Learn the unique skill of performing in theatre and what that entails and how to act differently to create truly theatrical characters!

  6. Learning about film acting techniques and how it differs from theatre: Get the full experience from this course where you get to indulge in film acting and learn to enact your favourite characters and how to apply yourself

  7. Learning how to use social media as an actor and how to create online content: Learn to create an online presence and shine with your true expression so that you can grow an audience of raving fans who get to truly see you and enjoy your performances!

  8. Final session to showcase social media project and one other chosen project based on previous classes: Get to share your final project and bask in the glory of unleashing your talents. The beginning of a beautiful journey of true, authentic expression and entertainment!
  • Ages: 6 – 9 
  • Ages:10 -13
  • Ages:14 -18 

Prices are discounted for this holiday season!

Price: R3000 R3500 for the entire Drama & Acting Program 

Public Speaking Program

If your child shows an interest in public speaking or wants to participate in speech contests, or other public speaking platforms, yet they feel held back by blocks in articulation or expression, then check out our public speaking program, designed to help students break out of their shells and express themselves in a safe space, learn to articulate themselves well, and learn to speak with their own unique voice.
This course is for those who love to inspire or entertain an audience, and want to learn how to deliver a speech that captivates and moves the audience, simply through the use of excellent speaking and oratory skills.
Use this course to do really well on speech day, and even go on to win contests in the future!
Let your child discover their voice and the joy of having the spotlight on them while they see how powerful, persuasive, and even humorous they can be with just a simple speech!
From writing a speech that really resonates with them, to actually learning to manipulate their voices to deliver with confidence, this course is the ultimate confidence booster for any child who truly desires to have this skill
See your child go from being afraid and unsure of their true potential, to being incentivized and motivated to share their voice, stand in their power, be heard, and leave the audience with their hair standing, and goosebumps!
This course is for those who love to inspire or entertain an audience, and want to learn how to deliver a speech that captivates and moves their audience, simply through the use of excellent speaking and oratory skills.
Use this course to do really well on speech day, and even go on to win contests in the future!
This course is for children who want to soar right through any stage fright, and stand in front of a crowd fearlessly and with self-assurance!

8 hours 

Lesson 1 (2 hours)
Write an original speech:
How to approach a topic and write an original speech that echoes your personal voice. Learn how to write a speech that really lights you up and represents you in the best and most authentic manner.

Lesson 2 (2 hours)
Presentation & Editing of speeches and tips on memorizing: Learn how to present, using your voice, expression, and body language to uplift the speech. No more dull, boring speeches!

Lesson 3 (2 hour)
Feedback session. Refine your speech. Practice and perfect your delivery. Get to practice with the expert so that you really lock in all that goodness

Lesson 4 (1 hour)
Final presentation of speeches. Actually get to showcase your newfound oratory skills and swell with pride as you experience a whole new person when you give that speech

  • Ages: 6 – 9 
  • Ages:10 -13
  • Ages:14 -18 

Prices are discounted for this holiday season!

Price: R2400 2800 for the entire Public Speaking Program 

Young Scientist

Do you find your child itching to explore new things in the house, particularly during the holiday times?

It’s a sign of a genius when you find your child always experimenting, even if that means there’s alot to clean up afterwards!
Unfortunately, in the traditional school setting, Children are forced to sit at their desks and indulge in learning in the most boring and mediocre ways when, in fact, no science discovery was ever created or explored from a space of boredom and suppression.
If you want your child to unleash their inner scientist and explorer, then this course is for you!
Use this time as a safe space for your child to really get their hands dirty with actual science experiments which encourage and satisfy their curiosity
Don’t let the mediocrity of the schooling experience put out their inner flames!
Be prepared for your child to be obsessed with this experience and continuously asking “Mum/dad when’s my next science class?!”
This course is for parents who really want to encourage their children’s inner explorative nature, and for children who want to be introduced to a world of science where nothing is impossible!
This is for parents who are afraid that their children’s inner drive is starting to burn out from the constant pressure of school, and want to make sure that their children are not deprived of the beautiful experience of being able to allow themselves to really unleash their creative and explorative geniuses!
Help your child to take their new-found relationship to learning into the new year and really start to excel, just by helping them to realize that whatever they are learning in school actually relates to them, simply because they have an interest in it (this is a secret grade booster for ANY subject)!
Parents will be given the list of products that need to be bought. 
Each lesson will be 1.5hours
1) Creating an electric car with recyclable materials- explore creating a car using
simple materials
2) Experimenting with different PH levels, Measuring pH levels using red cabbage as an indicator. See how the colours change with the different PH levels just with one ingredient 
3)Making a toy boat to demonstrate the transformation of elastic energy to electrical energy. Actually build something that your child can take home and show as a little project that they did on their own 
4)Making glow in the dark slime – Learn to mix ingredients to create something fun to play with from simple kitchen products  
5)Learning about the way colours mix – Exploring chromatography using Candy such as M&M’s! 
 6) Exploring enzymes using dry yeast
7) Making a diy wind turbine
8) Exploring static electricity

Science kit: R350 per learner OR parents can organise their own materials.

These experiments will cover the topics: Electric circuits and energy, Chemical
reactions, Biochemistry, emulsification of liquids, matter and materials,
Renewable energy and electricity

Get our PDF to find out more info 

  • Ages: 5 – 8 
  • Ages: 9 -13

Prices are discounted for this holiday season!

Price: R3150 R3675 for the entire Young Scientist Program 

Reading Program

If you’d like for your child to learn reading in a fun way so that they can experience the joy in reading — that no human being should ever need to miss — regardless of a learning barrier or age limit, then this is the course for you!

Reading can be easy, even for highly dyslexic or autistic children.
Gift your child with the joy of reading this holiday season, and don’t let a roadblock on their journey be a reason to be excluded from this!
See your child go from unmotivated and feeling hopeless about their true capabilities, to really experiencing their potential!
This is for parents who want their children to know the joy of simply being able to open up a novel and indulge in the simple reading pleasures of life, no matter the age or perceived limitation
Reading is meant to be easy, and joyful, and it’s every person’s birthright!
No more frustration and forcing your child to read. Their relationship with reading is now one of curiosity and excitement
Get ready for melting moments, when you see your child reading the billboard while cruising on the highway

If you want to reignite the spark and love for reading in your child, this is the perfect course!

This course is not only for children with learning barriers, but also for kids who are starting to read and need a little support on the way. We have fun lessons, that are vibrant and educational and will leave your child inspired and proud of themselves.

Don’t be surprised if you do a double take when you catch them reading the subtitles on the TV, or the ingredients off the cake-mix pack! The love for books is something no child should deprived of.

To be specified 

  • Grade 1 
  • Grade 2 
  • Grade 3 

Prices are discounted for this holiday season!
Price: R3,600 R4,200 for the entire Reading Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Each program will start on a different date, depending on when students join. We will communicate to you when the program will start after you have applied.

All lessons are given online. If there is anything that you need to get before the lesson, we will inform you beforehand so that you can be prepared.

This is so much more fun than it is focused on learning; learning is just a byproduct!

Yes! For each completed course your child will get a certificate of completion!

There are many ways to apply. Click here to apply or on the apply button underneath each of our programs, or directly email, Instagram DM, WhatsApp, or call us!

This system is perfect for kids with learning barriers because there is no agenda and there’s no force to get them to a certain place. It helps them to really find the relationship with learning, and so any child can join.


Here are our amazing discounts

  • All programs are discounted for the holiday period
  • If you take all 3 chess programs you save R1000
  • Sibling discount:
    For each sibling/friend/referral that joins you save R400 per program/person
  • If you take more than 1 program, you save R333 off each program per student!!

If you’re confused, don’t worry; we’ll help you work it all out!