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If Wednesday still feels like Monday, you've come to the right place.

We commit ourselves to straightforward and uncomplicated schooling that gets you the best results

Gone are the days of:

💦Monday Blues
💦Late night homework
💦"Mommy study for me"
💦Wishing the weekend was longer!

Whether it's groups or private online homeschooling, we are on it!

Our teachers are made aware and are supportive of your child's learning needs.
When you sign up with OLA, you get:

Guidance from our teachers (we are with you every step of the way, parents can rely on teachers to support their child and take them through the year).

Very small groups (this ensures that each child is given attention and can grow holistically in the online classroom environment).

Build strong foundations. We make sure that you have the correct background knowledge to do well in future grades.

We know what it's like to go at it alone, and we make sure that at OLA you get to grow, learn and flourish the way it's meant to be done

Individual attention

With the one on one learning, there is only one student in the class, and that is your child. That means that learning can be thorough and the student can be fully supported in their learning journey. The small groups also allow for individual attention by the teacher, and the teacher pays attention to each and every student as much as possible

Instant Support

With a one on one tutor you get to communicate directly with the tutor and he/she is completely acquainted with the progress and learning situation of your child.
With groups of 5 there is also very clos attention given to the students
We are there to support your child in bigger groups as well

A Reliable Routine

At OLA we have reliable, consistent times for learning; Mondays to Thursdays, to ensure that your child is still has a school-like routine, even though they are learning online, and in the safety of their home.

Monthly Progress Report

You need to know that your child is doing well, you need to know where your child is in their learning, and how far they have come with what they are supposed to know. That is why we have monthly feedback given to each parent, by the tutor, about the progress of your child.


With one on one learning the tutor will accommodate for any syllabus that is offered and used in South Africa​
For the groups we use the CAPS syllabus which is the trusted and reliable syllabus in South Africa

Fees Structure

Grades 1 - 3

Payment Plan 1: R34,000

(Pay in Full - save R2000)

Payment Plan 2: R35,000

(2 Payments - Initial payment of R15,000 - R20,000 payable in 3 months - save R1000)

Payment Plan 3: R36,000

(4 Payments - Initial payment of R9000 - R9000 payable every 2 months)

Grades 4 - 6

Payment Plan 1: R40,000

(Pay in Full - save R2000)

Payment Plan 2: R41,000

(2 Payments - Initial payment of R15000 - R26000 payable in 3 months - save R1000)

Payment Plan 3: R42,000

(4 Payments - Initial payment of R10,500 - R10,500 payable every 2 months)

Grades 7 - 9

Payment Plan 1: R46,000

(Pay in Full - save R2000)

Payment Plan 2: R47,000

(2 Payments - Initial payment of R15000 - R26000 payable in 3 months - save R1000)

Payment Plan 3: R48000

(4 Payments - Initial payment of R11,500 - R11,500 payable every 2 months)


You will need to be signed up with Impaq for lesson materials and accredited reports

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