Tuition Rates

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Grade 1 - 3

Personal Lessons R200/hour

Group Lessons R150/hour

If foundations are weak at this stage, learners struggle when they reach higher grades. Learner’s attitude toward learning is of utmost importance as well

Grade 4 - 6

Personal Lessons R210/hour

Group Lessons R150/hour

At this stage there is a jump in learning and the curriculum grows drastically. It is for this reason that students may miss out on alot of learning. 

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Grade 7 - 9

Personal Lessons R220/hour

Group Lessons R150/hour

At this stage tutors focus mainly on growing new branches of knowledge while still strengthening the foundations. It is also important to us to keep the student abreast with the curriculum 

Grade 10 - 12

Personal Lessons R240/hour

Group Lessons R160/hour

We make sure that all the knowledge that needs to be learnt is well taught and well-understood by the student. Also that they ace the subject to secure a great future 

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