What We Aim To Achieve

Forward Thinking.

We aim to create a sense of resourcefulness and technological efficiency in our students


Education that is reliable and accredited, helping students to soar into their highest potential with ease


Students become responsible and resourceful so that they can build those vital skills for the future

Who We Are

Hi there, I'm Jiya, the Principal and Co-Owner of OLA. We are an online school and tuition center, with up to 7 years of experience in teaching and helping students to go from struggling with low marks and lack in confidence, to thriving, independent, and seeing a huge improvement in grades.

Through OLA I have had a chance to create an academy that truly changes the way students learn and experience school, so that they can see life-changing results.   In the last 7 years of teaching, we have come across a diversity of learners. Some who have severe difficulties reading, writing and sometimes even speaking. 

Other learners suffer from Maths anxiety and have blocks to completing simple calculations. At OLA, Bushra and I focus on nurturing the love for learning.

Throughout the years, we realized that  the base issue most of the aforementioned learners faced was that of confidence in themselves. 
I believe that the only way to change the schooling system is to actually start approaching it differently, by focusing on what really matters, such as having attentive teachers, not stressing students out with too much projects and homework, and focusing on the overall well-being of the child

Because of preconceived notions, stereotypes about the “difficult” subjects, and negative experiences, the perceived learning barrier of a learner worsens with time. As a result, they lose hope in the idea of learning and build resistance to it.

We focus on reprogramming those brain connections in the attempt to building a healthy relationship with learning. If a learner is open to the idea of learning, not only will they be able to accept knowledge from different sources, they will be able to assimilate important life lessons as well. 

On the contrary, when a learner is closed off to learning, due to the previously mentioned reasons, they build walls and feel overwhelmed about learning altogether, as a result, they are stunted from truly tapping into their true potential, and whatever results they get is not a true reflection of their abilities, rather a shadow of their insecurities.   

Once we repair a child’s relationship to learning, they become open to learning, achieving the desired results at school and enjoying their academic journeys.    Thank you for getting to know us by reading the smidgen above! 

If this is something that resonates with you, read on, because I have built this school to really fit that description!   Invest in your child’s holistic health by applying with OLA.

We work don’t work the surfaces!