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Get the support and attention your child needs to succeed through online learning!

At our online school, we prioritize small, focused groups of 10 students to ensure that each student receives the personalized attention and support they need to succeed.
Our experienced teachers utilize innovative methods and technologies, such as Google Classroom, to facilitate learning and drive academic growth.

Live Online Classes

Short Hours

Grades 1 - 9

Instant Support Through WhatsApp

See a 20 - 30% Improvement

Individual Attention

Small Focused Groups

Any Syllabus

Our approach has helped many students see a 20-30% improvement in their marks within the first two terms. Our classes, are held from Monday to Thursday and can be accessed with just a laptop and good WiFi connection. We invite you to join our online school and discover the benefits of our individualized approach to learning.


Our Services

Grades 1 - 9

Groups of less than 10

(Pay in Full For The Year - save R2000)

(2 Payments - save R1000)

The Difference You Will See

A SIGNIFICANT improvement in marks
Each Student Gets To Thrive In THEIR Personality
A Proper report with an accredited curriculum (CAPS)
Fun Stress-Free Evenings And Holidays
Flexibilty To Travel And Learn
Growth Into An Independent, Confident Learner
Bully - Free Environment

How we're different

Simple Processes

We thrive on simplicity. We communicate directly on WhatsApp, have simple, easy systems on google classroom, and our students get to take ample breaks and rest-time

Get individual attention

Each student gets personal attention from the tutor, who is extremely skilled in helping them to build their knowledge, and confidence in their work.

We work on building Confidence

Students don't just need to learn knowledge, education needs to take into consideration the emotional and mental health of the students, and that is what we help our students with

Evolved Learning

Our lessons are tailored to build skills and prepare our students for the real world. We teach them how to use better language, discover and build their personalities, and become well - rounded individuals

Speak directly to the teacher

We don't ignore you. We take you through the process of enrolment and learning, and you have instant access to the teacher and principle at all times

You actually see a difference

Parents have reported back to us saying that their child has become so much more responsible, is extremely excited to start class, and understand their work much more

Registration Process


Fill in the registration form below

Student Gets Interviewed

To ensure that we have dedicated students and a bully-free environment, we have a brief interview with our students so that learning is fun for everyone

Sign Up With Impaq

Get signed up with the accredited and trusted homeschooling curriculum
Impaq has a once off fees of R5000 - R9600 for the year, depending on the grade

Frequently Asked Questions

School starts at 8am and ends at 1pm, Mondays to Thursdays. 

Students have a timetable and join the zoom rooms of their allocated teacher, in a small group of not more than 10 students at a time.

Click on here to contact us and we will take you through the enrolment process

If you are in this situation where your child has missed out alot of the year, we have a solution for you so don’t worry.

This solution is not found often, but we believe that if they are passing well, and they are in a certain grade group, they can move onto the next grade, and we will help them to catch up 

Be sure to Whatsapp us if this is your situation and we will take you through the process

We teach through zoom and Google Classrooms for an easy day- to-day experience  

You need to have a laptop that can function well and accommodate for zoom lessons, as well as a reliable Wifi connection.

You will need to sign up with the Impaq syllabus to get started.

We will take you through the process so don’t worry
Step 1: Complete the enrollment form below 

Step 2: We interview the student to ensure that they are ready to work online, and because we have a no-bully policy, we ensure that we are bringing in students who are conducive to our learning atmosphere

Step 3: Sign Up With Impaq
This ensures that your child get an accredited report at the end of the year
CAPS is the most recognized syllabus in South Africa.

The learning is straight-forward and understandable.

We recommend this syllabus above most other options such as the IEB and Cambridge syllabi, (which can be very complicated and difficult to understand, limiting the student’s chances to do well

No unfortunately we do not do so yet, but we will in the future, so be sure to join the waitlist!

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