Study Skills Course (Live Online Lessons)

For Grades 4 - 12

Personalized online sessons

Make better subject choices

Feel sure and confident about your choices

This is for students who want to:

⭐ Learn to study like an A student and ACE your subjects

⭐Learn how to do extremely well without having to spend all your time studying

⭐ Improve your memory

⭐ Actually enjoy studying

⭐ See a significant improvement in marks

⭐ Be able to tackle any subject

⭐ Build your confidence and see your potential

Did you know: It's actually quite easy to do well in school, all it takes is using the right study techniques, focusing on the right strategies, and building your confidence


Package 1: Study Skills Fundamentals:

R350/hr for 5 lessons a month - R1750

✅Get your memory sharpened

✅ Maximize study sessions

✅ Learn to summarize your work and study what matters

✅Time Management: Create a study schedule for the term

Package 2: Study Skills Novice

12 lessons a month - R3960
Everything in the study skills fundamentals

✅Learn the unique skills to tackle each subject

✅Learn secrets to turn condense study time and get maximum results in shorter time intervals

✅Learn to use the right resources to study

✅Learn to teach yourself anything you don't understand

✅Special hacks used by A students

Package 3: Study Skills Expert

20 lessons a month - R5800
Everything in the Fundamentals and Novice packages, PLUS:

✅WE STUDY WITH YOU, so you have an expert at your side in your study sessions, guiding you through every moment!

✅Prepare for exams and learn to tackle papers in the best possible manner

Group lessons: R180/hr
(8 lessons a month)

How We Help You

What Our Students Have To Say

Our Process

1. Apply

Communicate with us through whatsapp and have direct contact with the tutors and principle.

2. Get Connected

We listen to your requirements, feedback, and complaints, and make the necessary changes to assist you

3. Track Your Progress

You get feedback on your progress and you can decide where you want to go, as you continue to do lessons

How we're different

Get a tutor that you love

We don't just pair you up with a tutor, we make sure that you find a tutor that you love, if you dislike your tutor, we assist you in changing tutors, no questions asked

We Hear You

We listen to your requiements, feedback, and complaints, and make the necessary changes to assist you

We work on building Confidence

We listen to your requiements, feedback, and complaints, and make the necessary changes to assist you

Flexible Times

Decide on times that suit you and your individual tutor, so that you can do your lessons in times that suit you

Simple Processes

We thrive on simplicity. We communicate directly on whatsapp, have simple, easy invoicing, and you can started immediately

Recorded Lessons

If you require lessons to be recorded, we do so for you, and upload them to youtube so you can refer back to them

Get individual attention

Each student gets a personal tutor who works individually with each student, helping them to build their knowledge in the subject

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